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How much does using KACHARGE cost? 

  • $3.00 - First 30 mins 

  • $1.00 - Every 30 minutes after to a maximum of 24 hours 



Do you know? 

The setup of your payment method is done in the KACHARGE smartphone app. Currently you can pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard), and PayPal.

When starting a rental, a pre-authorisation of 5 $ is placed on your payment method.

Your bank may send you a notification, but this is not a charge. It’s just to ensure there are sufficient funds available to pay for your rental.

Once your rental is over, only the price of your rental will be charged.

Depending on your bank, it can take a few hours, up to a few days, for the amount to be adjusted on your statements. This is entirely normal.

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